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Torii Hunter’s family gives funny, conflicting earthquake accountsWarning: the following post contains humorous references to adult situations and colloquial descriptions of the excretory bodily functions of a major league ballplayer.

So, the strongest earthquake in the recorded history of Oklahoma rumbled throughout the Midwest on Saturday night. Folks felt it in such places as Kansas City, St. Louis and Dallas. Among those affected was Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter(notes) and his family, who live north of Dallas in the offseason. After getting the shakes, he took to Twitter:

We just had a earthquake in North Dallas area. Did anyone here just feel that?

My house just shook like crazy.

@LeeannTweeden1 was not fun

And then ...

I was about to make luv then an earthquake happened. I don't like earthquakes. Lol....

Me and @knutts48

So, the earth moved before he could make the earth move with Mrs. Hunter. Is that what he's getting at? Aftershock-blocked? Funny. Perhaps a little TMI, but fair enough, Torii. Hunter also accused his kids of running running to him and "screaming like they were Lil Jon."

Meanwhile, Hunter's teenage son Darius was tweeting a different tune:

Dude we just had a earthquake!! @toriihunter48 was screaming like a girl! @knutts48 over here investigating! -_- #yess Finally I'm not tripn

And then:

@toriihunter48 over here taking a dump earthquake happen he ran out the bathroom with toilet paper on his foot @knutts48 over here dien! Lol

Aw, heck no. You just threw your old man under the bus, kid! Hunter's sense of humor has been passed along to the next generation. Before long, the Hunters ought to have their own reality show. A&E, make it happen.

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