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1. I like Peter Abraham. I do. He runs a great Yankees blog. It's chock-full of great information and I always pull for the scoops to land his way. But please, oh, please let Pete be monumentally wrong with the news that Jason Giambi has shaved his 'stache in advance of the Yankees' series in 100+-degree Texas. (No wonder the sun isn't shining in my parts this morning.) [LoHud Yankees Blog]

2. The Hardball Times matches up the presidents from 1869 to 1933 with the players that best represented their administrations. They say Benjamin Harrison is a lot like Amos Rusie. Instead of arguing, let's just take their word for it. [THT]

3. The opportunity to watch Manuel Aristides be Manuel Aristides caused Dodger fans to break a record for most tickets sold in 24 hours. [Biz of Baseball]

4. The Journal-Sentinel asks the question, "Can the Brewers' diversity unite Milwaukee?" which prompts me to ask, "Milwaukee was ever a town divided?" [JS Online

5. If any ad execs handling the Heineken account are reading this, please take note: If you do not stop filling baseball commercial time with that stupid ad where all the people around the world keep handing each other beer while some lame Violent Femmes-ripoff band plays the most annoying song in the world, somebody is going to get hurt. I have seen this commercial approximately 3,432 times and every time the grizzled lumberjack hands the Indian lady with the goofy grin a green bottle, it reaffirms my decision to boycott your product forever. You have approximately one month to ensure this doesn't bother me during NFL games. [YouTube

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