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• Ken Griffey officially started his second tour of duty with the Mariners on Wednesday night, walking in his first at-bat and flying out to the warning track in center on his second. The game was televised on MLB Network, well attended by media and covered in headlines across the country. Still, The Kid thinks we're making too much of a fuss over his return. "It's spring training. Just doing what I'm supposed to," Griffey said after the game. "I think you guys put too much effort into making this such a big story. It's just, you know, spring."[Seattle Times]

Johnny Damon points out just how stupid it is that the Big Apple media is trying to turn A-Rod's Jose Reyes comments into a controversy. [NYDN]

Manny Ramirez has officially put his 37th-floor Ritz-Carlton penthouse apartment in Boston on the market for $8.5 million smacks. Scratch up enough of a down payment and you can be neighbors with Mike Lowell, David Ortiz and Josh Beckett. I'll have to wait until the market's downslide brings this one into my price range, though. [Boston Herald via Surviving Grady]

• Get this: If you want a hot dog at the Dodgers' new spring training facility, it'll cost you $4.50. But if you want relish or onions on that dog? Better add a buck. That money for that Manny contract has to come from somewhere, folks. [Inside the Dodgers]

• Y! Sports wasn't the only website to use "Manny Happy Returns" as a headline. [SoSG]

• Team Mexico roughs up Brandon Webb in his first spring training start. [Arizona Republic]

Cole Hamels, though, looked strong in his 2009 debut with two scoreless innings. [AP]

• White Sox prospect Gordon Beckham tells his side of the "Who's Harold Baines?" story, then compares life in camp to Chris Farley's old "Japanese Game Show" skit on SNL. [MLBlogs]

• Put this one in the teaching an old dog new tricks category: Jason Varitek is changing his batting stance heading into this season. [Boston Globe]

• This is just awesome: Video of Cody Ransom's 62-inch vertical. [Bats Blog]

• The Phillies and their Garbage Pail Kid counterparts. Fryin' Ryan! [We Should Be GMs]

• A guide to every Bartolo Colon headline permutation one could come up with. [Luol's D]

• If it's your birthday, the Orioles will give you a free ticket. [The Loss Column]

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