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1. Attention, everyone: I implore all of you to place your houses, cars, heirloom jewelry and/or children on the betting line for the Giants tonight. As extensive research shows, the Dodgers have NEVER won a home game on the same day a Dane Cook-acted movie opens. Overall, they're 2-5 when Mr. Cook brings the funny and if you need further evidence of the curse, consider that Mr. Cook has had three movies come out the last three Octobers (the much acclaimed trio of Waiting, Employee of the Month and Dan In Real Life) and all the Dodgers have to show for that month was a three-game NLDS sweep by the Mets in '06. Ruh-roh.

Tonight, with the future Oscar-nominated "My Best Friend's Girl" making its long-awaited premiere, the Dodgers are guaranteed a loss. The Dane Cook curse is very real. It is to be feared.

(Sadly, though, this post, combined with its genius source which just killed me, is likely to be the only press that MBFG receives. True talent is never appreciated in its time.) [Sons of Steve Garvey]

2. Bill Plaschke says the Dodgers still have a lot of things to be worried about, but strangely does not mention the curse of Mr. Cook. Big mistake. [Los Angeles Times]

3. This blog says that Ben Sheets is the new Kerry Wood. I'd say that he's the new Mark Prior, though people still know the whereabouts of Mr. Sheets. Give him one more comeback, though. He'll disappear into the ether with some sort of ailment, though hopefully not before the Yankees overpay for him this offseason. [Rumors and Rants]

4. Looks like the greedmongers who were asking $18K per ticket for the final game at Yankee Stadium were a bit off. The market's capping at about $2K per seat. And, no, Lehman Bros. stock is not an acceptable form of payment. [CNBC]

5. The iconic "Budweiser" rooftop across the street from Wrigley Field is now the point of a contentious legal battle as the home's  owner tries to cash in during the postseason. Interesting fact: That home, which is otherwise completely unremarkable, recently sold for $8.35 mil. [Sun-Times]

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