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With the season's schedule delayed an entire week because of last spring's World Baseball Classic, it was a smart bet that the weather was going to wreak an unusual amount of havoc on October's postseason.

Well, we're less than a week in, but let the temperature troubles begin! 

With Denver's forecast dominated by snow, Major League Baseball has announced that the NLDS Game 3 between the Rockies and Phillies has been postponed. The game has been rescheduled for Sunday night at 10:07 ET, which was Game 4's original starting time. No snow is being predicted for Sunday, but the temperatures at Coors Field could measure below 40 degrees by game time. (No word on if the stadium will be "cold-activated," whatever that means.) 

Though East Coast fans will stay have to stay up late on Sunday — a monumentally stupid scheduling move by Bug Selig and Co. — the cancellation has the potential to work out great for the Phillies. Instead of throwing Pedro Martinez(notes) out into the cold tonight and hoping for a good start, Charlie Manuel can go with either a rested Joe Blanton(notes) or J.A. Happ(notes) in Game 3.

He can then go straight to Cliff Lee(notes) on his normal five-day schedule for Monday's Game 4 and then Cole Hamels(notes) in Game 5 (if necessary). The Rockies will get a similar benefit by being able to pitch Ubaldo Jimenez(notes) and Aaron Cook(notes) in the series' final two games.    

Today's postponement is sure to attract a lot of negative attention and force some good questions why MLB is so beholden to TBS and FOX that they're playing night games in the cold and dark Denver night, instead of the relatively more accommodating afternoons. Bud Selig can't control the weather, but he and his schedule makers could sure use a lot more common sense in anticipating and avoiding the worst of it.

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