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So my sources in Washington have told me there's some sort of Congressional hearing about baseball taking place today and that readers of The Stew will have a great interest in learning about the proceedings. They say I might want to be sure to post a few updates throughout the day.

Who knew?

OK, I'm only kidding. Of course today is the day when Roger Clemens hauls his angry self up the steps of Capitol Hill and tries to make a final (and probably unsuccessful) attempt to save his reputation and legacy. The whole event has been so anticipated that I'm willing to bet half the nation's baseball writers spent the night having offputting dreams about Rep. Henry Waxman and Rusty Hardin, that strange bird from Clemens' legal team. Brian McNamee, Clemens' former trainer, will also testify and it'll be interesting to see what kind of physical evidence he presents to the nation. 

I know we're all supposed to be a lot more outraged that the start of spring training is being overshadowed by Clemens' exploits in Washington, but the truth is that I'm having trouble manufacturing the outrage. Instead, I get the overwhelming sense that the circus is coming to town and we're supposed to just sit back and be entertained. Isn't that what these politicians want in the first place? Yes, perhaps this is what it felt like to be a resident of Salem back in the 17th century. And I'm not kidding when I say that I half expect to see the ghost of Joe McCarthy walk through the door with an empty briefcase.

But I digress. Make sure to check back throughout the day for updates. My sources in Washington (I wasn't kidding about that -- I have a few) are working on procuring a testimony schedule. As soon as I get that, I'll post that here in case you want to plan your lunch around trying to sneak a few minutes of testimony in the break room. Just admit it, already. You're looking forward to this.

• Congress puts spotlight on Clemens and McNamee / Y! Sports
• Hearings will ultimately be unsatisfying / NY Post

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