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1. "... While we're at it, let's see how much game Alex Rodriguez will bring to his first playoff run since he signed for the $300 million. If he really is going to be the kind of big Yankee he desperately wants to be, now would be a good time to start. Let's see him carry a Yankee team into September and through September the way he did in the spring of '07."

Yeah, it's Mike Lupica. But I love ultimatum columns. And what better reason to lay down an ultimatum than what could possibly be the last Red Sox-Yankees series at Yankee Stadium? [NY Daily News]

2. In honor of that Red Sox-Yankees series that starts today, Red and Denton debate and discuss their most-hated Yankees of all-time. My list begins and ends with Luis Sojo. (Hey, I have my reasons.) [Surviving Grady]

3. Grady Sizemore just learned that becoming part of the 30/30 Club is more or less like becoming a Mason. Here's the "letter" he just received from Barry Larkin. [Dave Burba Revolution]

4. "Joe Torre (supposedly) has a blog. And we don't care. Why? Because baseball players treat blogs like new girlfriends: lots of attention at first, then nothing." [Sons of Steve Garvey]

5. Speaking of hot new girlfriends, ESPN appears to have found one of its own: Surprise! It's the Tampa Bay Rays! Welcome to the bandwagon, Worldwide Leader. You can sit over there with David Brown. [Biz of Baseball]

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