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Before he collects millions from the San Francisco Giants, ace pitcher Tim Lincecum(notes) had to toss a few dollars around a Washington courthouse on Tuesday.

With payment of a $513 fine, the two-time defending NL Cy Young reduced his charges of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession to a civil infraction.

Tiny Tim also had to pay a fine for the speeding ticket that originally led to the "Lincecum had pot in his car? Get out!" headlines back in November.  

These photos show that Lincecum wore a gray suit to his hearing, but it doesn't look like he strutted out of the courtroom like Tupac here at the 1:43 mark.

Ah, no matter. What's important is that The Human Slingshot expressed contrition for his misstep and promised to never let this happen again.

Or did he? 

From The Colombian:

"I'll try not to let this happen again, move forward and continue with my life," Lincecum said.

The key word in that sentence, of course, being "try." 

Maybe Lincecum inserted it intentionally or maybe he's more focused on the second part of the sentence — "move forward and continue with my life" — which promises to be a lot more fun than doing the perp walk in front of a Clark County judge.

That's because today's also the day that Lincecum's people and the Giants exchange arbitration numbers and he goes from being a $650,000 bargain to the very rich winner of the highest first-year arbitration award when his case is heard next month. (Ryan Howard(notes) holds the current record for any first-year eligible player with $10 million, while Dontrelle Willis'(notes) $4.4 million is the highest for a first-year eligible pitcher. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News has more interesting numbers here.)

Lincecum and the Giants could also just settle on a deal before arbitration case is heard, which would eliminate any hurt feelings when the club brings up Lincecum's legal run-in.

But that would be just as profitable for Tim and intriguing for the rest of us, particularly in the wake of the big dollars handed out to Josh Johnson and Felix Hernandez, neither of which have the same resume as Lincecum (though there's certainly no shame in that).

But this point all we can do is sit and wait for either the numbers to leak (so we chatter excitedly about them) or for a deal to be drawn up.

Anyone have some munchies snacks while they figure this all out? 

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