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It's been a bad week to be one of the Washington Nationals' Racing Presidents.

First, a new John F. Kennedy character jumps out on the warning track during Wednesday's footrace and cuts George Washington down quicker than a Republican armed with the federal budget.

Then, on Thursday, a fan reaches out of the right field stands and socks Thomas Jefferson right in his kisser! It's apparently a hard-knock life if you have an oversized head made of foam and live in Washington, D.C., these days.

As always, the race-centric blog Let Teddy Win was there to alert us of this fan's aggression and report that the fan was immediately surrounded by security and ushered out of the stadium. It also started a debate over whether or not it was a Philadelphia Phillies fan who attacked our country's third president.

As this pre-punch photo shows, the fan isn't wearing any Phillies gear at Philadelphia's 4-0 victory over Washington. But he's surrounded by people wearing Philly gear and it was Philadelphia sports fans that once booed Santa Claus, cheered Michael Irvin as he was carried off the field on a stretcher, threw batteries at J.D. Drew(notes) and intentionally threw up on a little girl.

Note: If you think I'm just messing around and poking all the Philly fans out there with a giant stick with the headline and by mentioning all the usual anecdotes, you're right. Let's see how many of them can make it past the Santa reference without reflexively going straight to the comments to call me a name. Meanwhile, I will make nice and write nice things about the good Phillies fans and say that it doesn't matter if the fan was a Phillies fan below this italicized note. Ooh boy, do I love a good experiment.

Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog is hot on the case to see if he can positively ID this slugger as one of the many Phillies fans who were in attendance. But I'm not sure how it matters. An idiot who'd sock a sprinting mascot is an idiot — or a portly Pittsburgh Pirate — regardless of team affiliation.

And give credit where credit is due: Phillies fans again staged an impressive showing at their vacation home down south. Check out this horde of Phillies fans marching into Nationals Park for a game this week. That's some real good support right there.

Big BLS H/N: Nationals Enquirer

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