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Don't adjust your monitors, people. Pictured above is a rendering of the Rays' proposed $450 million waterfront stadium in St. Petersburg. The photos of this plan have been available for some time, but the team just released this image yesterday, which features the park with the roof in the "closed" position. As you can tell from the photo, translucence is king. And after seeing those Lindsay Lohan photos in New York magazine, I have to ask: Who doesn't love translucence?

The roof is supposed to resemble a sail and I suppose it does. But it also kinda looks like a kids' pillow fort. Not to mention that the long post in the outfield originally reminded me of Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

Still, I really like this plan, which could be completed as early as 2012. It'll be unique to the Bay area and it's obvious that anything has to be better than Tropicana Field. The sad truth is that until the Rays and Marlins get new stadiums, I'll never attempt to hit every ballpark in the bigs.

This design would make the Florida swing worth it, though.

Now if only they could figure out how to equip it with A/C.

UPDATE: Getting plenty of e-mails and comments about how it looks like a spaceship or jet taking off. Can't say I disagree.

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Tampa Bay Rays photo

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