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UPDATE: Our guy @keithbowerman combined all three videos together for a piece he calls "Pittsburgh Mocks You."

Y'arrr, now this be scoreboard entertainment at its finest!

It's true. Every time a landlubbing opponent walks the plank at PNC Park by committing a blooper — like say, pitching to Jose Tabata with a relief pitcher on deck — the award-winning scoreboard plays one of three Pittsburgh Pirates logos that have been animated into silly and sniggering swashbucklers.

Because if anyone knows anything about losing under the hypnotizing sound of laughter, it's, you know, the Pirates.

But man, if you want to talk about great videos to bookmark and send to your friends any time you want to mock them Nelson Muntz-style, these are them. The only problem is that they're too short. Any chance we can get an enterprising, tech-savvy Stewie to edit and splice all three into something much longer?

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Big League Stew

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