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Well, it's  either "Dr. James Andrews" or "Tommy John surgery," but since the former always precedes the latter,  I'm sticking with the super-doc down in Alabama.

And with Joba Chamberlain headed from the "Carl Pavano Memorial MRI tube" (great line by George King) to Andrews' examination room for a diagnosis on his right shoulder, it's likely Yankees fans are siding with me.

Anyway, while we hold our breath and wait to see if Joba can continue his Cy Young campaign (as eagerly run by ESPN's Brian Kenny), let's brainstorm some other terrible three-word phrases in baseball.

Here's what I came up with:

• "Represented by Boras"

• "Out at home"

• "Standing room only"

• "Better check Stubhub"

• "Eliminated from contention"

• "Beer sales end"

• "Red Sox Nation" (Oh, come on ... you knew that was coming.)

What else should be on this list of the worst three words in baseball?

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