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Despite some cautious reservation, we've been holding some high hopes for Showtime's new reality series about the San Francisco Giants. And after seeing the new preview for the show — which will air this summer — it looks like baseball's answer to HBO's Hard Knocks or 24/7 may have finally arrived:

Wow, there's lots of good behind-the-scenes stuff right there. Go ahead and put deep-sea fishing with Bruce Bochy on the old bucket list ... right next to hill climbing with Pablo Sandoval(notes), driving around in a convertible while looking cool with Barry Zito(notes) and joining Giants beat writers in the launching of Miguel Tejada(notes) into outer space.

Really, though, it's apparent from this trailer that the Giants really provide the most relevant mix of great off-field characters and newsworthy on-field challenges to make this a success. While there's no premiere date for the entire series yet, there is going to be a free preview on April 13. Count us in.

Big BLS H/N: Hot Clicks, McCovey Chronicles

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