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You tend to find a number of cool things when you type a player's name into the YouTube engine in search of some blogworthy material. But this video that I discovered when I recently typed "Tim Lincecum" might win the award for most interesting random find ever.

This clip that was posted on Feb. 18 claims to feature "Luis,"  a Brazilian cab driver in San Francisco who looks so much like the San Francisco Giants pitcher that he says people won't leave him alone. He requests $1 million dollars from Lincecum in exchange for driving him around and hosting Tiny Tim and his friends in Rio De Janeiro for the 2014 World Cup.

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Here's the thing, though: The guy looks so much like Lincecum — right down to the lines in his smile — that it's hard to watch him without thinking we're being goofed by Lincecum himself. Check it out:

We emailed this video to Lincecum's agent, Rick Thurman, and he tells Yahoo! Sports that it isn't his client in the video.* We'll have to take his word for it for now. The lighting on the video isn't good, almost anyone with long hair and a Giants cap can attempt a Lincecum impression and it's hard to believe he'd allow himself to be filmed participating in questionable activities, real or staged (check out his right hand and the table).

But if that isn't Lincecum, the pitcher should seriously think about putting "Luis" on his payroll because he's basically an exact duplicate. Not only could Lincecum ditch that expensive digital doppelganger he rolls with now, he could save all that time he now spends signing autographs, delivering first kisses and answering questions about Henry Rowengartner.

*We also messaged the YouTube user who posted this video and another user who posted another version with synced sound, but got no response from either.

What do you think? Were you fooled by this Lincecum lookalike?

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