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It would have been a great prank if someone had actually orchestrated a light-up version of the iconic New York Yankees logo on the side of Boston's iconic Prudential Center.

Alas, the above clip that rankled some easily-fooled Red Sox fans on Tuesday is too good to be true. It's just a hoax made by someone who knows their way around CGI effects.

From the Boston Herald:

"It was a hoax," said Andrea Simpson, the director of marketing for the Prudential Center and its owner, Boston Properties. The clip received an airing on local TV today but, said Simpson, "The beacon of Red Sox Nation would never have a Yankees logo on the side of it."

"We have 17 floors under construction right now. The lighting up would have been impossible."

Tauntr, a Boston-based startup website, has stepped up and claimed responsibility for the joke. No word, though, if they'll be owning up on making David Ortiz's(notes) career disappear.

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