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If the New York Times can be trusted at reading the intentions of a crowd, then maybe Phillies fans were really cheering when Jose Reyes was hurt at second on Saturday and then booing when it took him too long to recover.

Or if you'd like to listen to Tim Malcolm over at Phillies Flow,  maybe Phillies fans were simply thinking the Mets were trying to ice Cole Hamels with the Reyes' injury delay and showing their displeasure.  An extremely paranoid notion, sure, though certainly a much better one than a huzzahing in the stands over someone's misfortune.

Whatever the case (I don't know what really happened, I wasn't there), the situation produced another addition to what's becoming the most overused line in sports: Philly fans — wait for it ... wait for it — once booed Santa Claus!

Today's contestant is Billy Wagner of the Mets.

From the NY Daily News:

"… This is about the only place I’ve ever seen somebody get cheered when they get hurt. S***, they boo Santa Claus. What’s it tell you? They’ve taken it to a whole new level when you’re cheering for somebody to be hurt.”

Guh. As someone who rolls his eyes any time the White Sox fanbase gets lumped in with the drug-mad maniac that attacked Tom Gamboa with his son, I can only imagine how tired Philadelphians are getting of that reference (quite, says David Aldridge). Same goes for the Michael Irvin incident, the hooligans that booed Donovan McNabb at the NFL draft and whatever else I'm conveniently forgetting but gets dug up any time Philadelphia's boors rear their silly heads. 

While Philadelphians have cried in the past for the Santa Claus to disappear down the chimney of easy references, I'm going to help them and take up their cause. So under penalty of a night in the old Vet Stadium prison, no more Kris Kringle mentions whenever the Philly fans act up. When my grandmother knows about the rep of Philly fans and Santa Claus, it's time to move on to something else. 

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