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Hey, anyone have $10,500 just lying around?

You do? Well, then you could be the top bidder on this crazy-nuts eBay auction for the only Stephen Strasburg(notes) "Superfractor" card in the 2010 Bowman Chrome set.

But if you actually have designs on owning the card, you better go back to diving for dimes in your couch cushions. That's because $10,499 was the auction price as of this post time and there are still almost five days left in the auction. The price will only go up and could approach or pass a new Kia Sportage territory.

A poster on Freedom Cardboard says he's the lucky collector and Blowout Cards is running a contest to guess the final price of the ultra-scarce card of the Washington Nationals pitcher who hasn't even been called up to the big leagues, let alone experienced any success there.

But the insane price is both a product of Strasburg's potential as the top pick in last June's amateur draft and the limited edition 1/1 that's stamped on back.

Though the amount is hard for most of us non-collectors to fathom, Cardboard Connection is calling this "one of the greatest auctions for a modern baseball card in history." The Bowman "superfractors" are among the most sought-after cards in the hobby and the 2006 Evan Longoria(notes) Superfractor is legendary because it's rumored it hasn't been pulled yet.

To each his own, I suppose, though you won't see me bidding my salary any time soon.

Then again, I'm glad I stumbled across this story. Had I not, there's a chance I might have pulled a Steve Phillips and traded Strasburg's rookie for the Roy Oswalt(notes) in the set.  

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