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After enjoying this picture of Mariah Carey throwing out a first pitch at a Japanese baseball game, let's take a quick trip around the baseball blogosphere ...  

• Mevs has a good first-person account and some great pictures from the Great American Ballpark last night, including a shot of Jay Bruce's girlfriend. Paparazzi! Already! [Diamond Hoggers]

• For those of you money-minded folks, here's a closer look at Bruce's service time situation. [Redleg Nation]

• And here I thought the Cubs were the only team to feature passed out girls lying in a vomit-stained gutter well before the first pitch. [The Fightins']

• In light of last night's walkoff loss to the Mariners, here's a question: When should the Red Sox get their Papelbon on? [Red Sox Monster]

• Billy Beane wraps up his marathon chat with the fine folks at the best A's blog. [Athletics Nation]

Tim Lincecum is a reason for Giants fans to feel good. The way Bruce Bochy is handling his arm is not. [Bay City Ball]

• So how are Jim Hendry and the Cubs eventually going to trade Alfonso Soriano, his glove and his contract to the American League, where they belong? [Ivy Chat]

• Why Ryan Ludwick's early season performance is not a fluke. [Bugs & Cranks]

• Here's a cool essay contest with a cool prize (a DVD box set): If you could take anyone to Fenway Park for a game, who would it be? [Surviving Grady]

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