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A quick trip around the baseball blogosphere: 

Following yesterday's great video of the elusive Larry Bird Delonte West (?!?) jersey come a fantastic group of photos of the whole chase scene. Make sure to check them out. [Center Field]

Now I've read everything: A Red Sox fan, of all people, is complaining about ESPN. If there's one fanbase that should have absolutely no beef with the four-letter network that King Hank says created them, it's Red Sox Nation. [The Joy of Sox]

The ruling over the Georgia high school and the beaning of the ump has been resolved: School in question gets fined $1,000 and put on "severe warning status" [Walkoff Walk]

Here's your handy pocket guide to dates that John McLaren will get fired. [USS Mariner]

Some other M's fans get bored and start talking about Ken Griffey Jr. again. [Lookout Landing]

What does a MLB player eat when he brings his lunch to work? [Phil Miller's Twins Blog]

I have no idea why Michael Kay felt it might be a good idea to interview Snoop Dogg on YES for an entire hour. Luckily for us, he went ahead and did it any way. [Bugs & Cranks]

Bud Selig dangles the All-Star Game if the Rays' new stadium is approved and built. [Rays Index]

Says Geoff Jenkins of his teammate, Chase Utley: "Hitting a baseball is one of the toughest things to do in sports, and he's making a mockery of it." [The 700 Level]

Celebrating Jason Whitlock's annual appearance at a Royals game. [Royals Authority]

Blogger Matt Cerrone gets some face time on SNY. [MetsBlog]

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