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I have some idea who Gordon Beckham (left) is. He is currently helping Georgia try to beat Fresno State in the College World Series, was drafted 8th overall by the White Sox  and has no relation to #1 pick Tim Beckham.

I have no idea who Alex from MTV's Two -A-Days is, other than he looks like the type of guy you wouldn't want to see your girlfriend talking to. Strong features, that guy and apparently a big deal among the kids.

Anyway, BLS contributor/resident whippersnapper Nick Friedell says both of these guys look like brothers with their 'Bama bangs.

Since I'm too old to disagree or even know what he's talking about — I stopped watching MTV sometime after Real World Las Vegas, I believe — I'll just nod knowingly and agree with Nick.

Then I'll go read this piece on Gordo and his Georgia team by friend-for-life Jeff Passan.  

Elsewhere in the baseball blogosphere ... 

• You knew it was only a matter of time before that passed out Phillies fan would start inspiring poetry that rivals anything ever written by Keats, Lord Byron and Longfellow. The last line about bottled water just kills me. [The Fightins']

• Are the Rays going to delay their plans for a new stadium, so they can have a couple of more good seasons to make their argument with? [DRaysBay]

• I'm not exactly sure how to describe the welcome-back that Omar Vizquel received in Cleveland last night, but I'm leaning a little more toward "orgy" than "love-in." [Plain Dealer]

• Good fantasy strategy? Acquire whoever's throwing against the Dodgers that night. [Blue Notes]

• Is the end near for the Mets? [Amazin' Avenue]

• Here's good video of a minor league manager throwing a tantrum. But to be truthful, everything now seems to pale in comparison to that one guy a few years back who built the sand castles around home plate. [Bugs & Cranks]

Ben Sheets is going to test the free agent market after '08. The Yankees' DL seems like a logical place for him to end up. [MLB Trade Rumors]

• The Red Sox played four nationally televised games in five days and Iracane somehow thinks that was a good thing. Thank god for Extra Innings. [Walkoff Walk]

• I'm not sure this was what the French had in mind when they sent us Lady Liberty. [Mr. Irrelevant]

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