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Meet Amelia Lamoscatella. You might remember her from last Wednesday's Tampa Bay Rays game in which not one, not two, but three foul balls were hit to her in the eighth inning. The first rocketed off her chin, but she was able to corral the final two for an unlikely souvenir grab that quickly went viral

Until Tuesday morning, Lamoscatella was only known as "that lady who caught two foul balls at a Rays game."  But then CBS' Harry Smith — previously known for his groundbreaking work with Houston's foul-ball couple — interviewed her on Tuesday's "Early Show."

Long story short, Lamoscatella has been a long-time Rays season-ticket holder and says she's been to around 450 games since the team came to St. Petersburg. She drew from a lifetime of playing baseball and softball in making the plays, but did have a whole lot of luck on her side because those weren't her usual seats at the game. (A friend had invited her to sit in different seats that night.)

Smith presents Lamoscatella with a surprise gift at the end of the segment and she looks just as thrilled — well, almost — as she did when she caught both balls. She's a real fan and it's good to see a nice story about one of the Rays faithful who shows up at Tropicana Field night after night to see the team through good and bad instead of another one about the many who don't fill the seats in the middle of another pennant chase.

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