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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in St. Louis, where if you don't give credit for the Cardinals victory to the Diamondbacks awful defense, you must give it to Tony La Russa for his genius meddling.

Game of the Day: Cardinals 6, D-backs 5

Genius bar: It all went according to La Russa's plan.

The Cardinals were having one of those nights. Dan Haren(notes) was not only out-pitching Chris Carpenter(notes), but he had hit a go-ahead home run.

Carpenter and La Russa argued in the dugout (it's the latest MLB trend!). Randy Winn(notes), who has played in 250 straight errorless games in the outfield, knocked a ball over the fence — maybe like nobody ever has — for another D-back's homer.

Down two runs, but with the door locked on Arizona's pyromaniacal bullpen, the Cards were about to file this one under the "L" column. But wait! La Russa wants to try something.

• After Haren's first pitch, La Russa argued the strike zone with the home plate umpire. He was thrown out immediately but extended the argument for more than a minute. "These aren't the pitches you want to call for strikes," La Russa might have said.

• Continuing to milk the moment, Yadier Molina(notes) called time just before Haren made his next pitch. These Cardinals! After Haren was finally able to deliver again, Molina lined a single to left. Brendan Ryan(notes) followed with a single to right.

Uh, ohes!

"Tony's good at delaying like that," Haren said. "I've seen it before and I knew exactly what he was doing. He'll probably do it again because it looks like it works."

• La Russa, still pulling the strings from the shadows, sent up pitcher Adam Wainwright(notes) to bunt against reliever Aaron Heilman(notes). He did, and Heilman fielded the bunt just fine — before making perhaps the worst throw anyone will ever see. One run scored and the potential winning run stood at second.

• One out later, Adam LaRoche(notes) got the yips on Skip Schumaker's(notes) grounder to first, bobbling the ball and then throwing wildly home for another error, allowing Ryan and Wainwright to score, flipping the game in the Cardinals favor.

Heilman got the Cards to hit grounders, just like he wanted.

"I felt like I threw the ball where I wanted to, with the exception of the ball to third," Heilman said. "I think I had a little more time than I thought I did at the moment."

La Russa, man. He'll make you do things you don't wanna.

* * *

They Also Played ...

Rockies 10, Padres 6: Five home runs? In one game? At PETCO? Weirdness, as Ubaldo Jimenez(notes) takes a no-hitter and 8-0 lead into the sixth and barely had enough to finish the inning.

Dodgers 4, Giants 2: With Jonathan Broxton(notes) unavailable (finally), Hong-Chih Kuo(notes) gets the save. You see, Joe Torre? It can be someone else sometimes!

Tigers 7, Twins 5: How is anyone supposed to celebrate the Tigers jumping over the Twinkies into first place — much less Jim Thome's(notes) first triple since 2004 — on a night when Joel Zumaya's(notes) arm went pop?

Marlins 10, Mets 3: Sure, it was nice for Edwin Rodriguez to come home to Puerto Rico and win a game as a major league manager. But what about the other side? Scientists have proven that R.A. Dickey's(notes) knuckleball does not dance well to the reggaeton beat heard at Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

Royals 3, White Sox 1: Anthony Lerew's(notes) sideburns have been pitching professionally for 10 years. This is their first major league victory.

Braves 5, Nationals 0: Someday, the Nationals will score some runs for Stephen Strasburg(notes). And when that day comes, whoa.

Pirates 2, Cubs 1: After snapping a 17-game road losing streak, Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit(notes) said, "It always feels good to get a win." And how would he know?

Reds 7, Phillies 3: Johnny Cueto(notes) avenges ... himself.

Indians 2, Blue Jays 1: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition suicide squeeze with Travis Hafner(notes) on third base. Jayson Nix(notes), whom the Tribe claimed off waivers from the White Sox because he can decode Ozzie Guillen, pulled off the bunt.

Astros 9, Brewers 5: Is Ken Macha still managing?

* * *

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