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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts in Philadelphia, where — stop me if you've heard this one before — another fan went on the field during a game. I wonder what Jayson Werth(notes) is saying to him. ...

Game of the Day: Phillies 2, Cardinals 1 (10 innings)

Fortunately for the Phillies, catcher Carlos Ruiz(notes) made the home fans happy by blasting a game-ending home run after Cole Hamels(notes) lost his shutout bid in the ninth.

Unfortunately for humanity, another fan interrupted the game at Citizens Bank Park. Unlike the dopey kid from Monday night, Baby Huey was not Tased by police. So much for a consistent electrocution policy.

turn on the phillies game, im about to be on the feild!!!!!!!!!!less than a minute ago via Twitta

Yeah, he's about to be on the "feild!!!!!!!" What a Moran.

Another difference about this trespassing jackass: The timing. Right after announcing his intentions on Twitter and right before Hamels was to throw his first pitch of the ninth, the hooligan wandered onto the field. He did not try to flee security, which caught him promptly and escorted him away.

Trailing 1-0, the Cardinals quickly rallied against Hamels, with David Freese(notes) and Yadier Molina(notes) lining back-to-back doubles to tie the score. Good for the Cardinals. Sigh for Philly — especially for Hamels.

"I had a bad feeling right there because everything went quickly for Cole," Ruiz said. "He had 111 pitches at the moment. Why did he do that — you know?"

I dunno, Chooch, I dunno. The interloper sure wasn't making a social or political statement; police found narcotics on his person. That's why they call it "dope"!

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright(notes), lifted off the hook for a loss, also felt bad for Hamels, who was having his best start since, perhaps, 2008.


"That was tired, that was bad," Wainwright said. "You know what, the Phillies fans should be mad at that guy because he might've gotten in the way of Cole's mojo he had going. That's terrible timing. And if you don't want to get Tased, don't go on the field. There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting Tased if you're on the field."

Hamels didn't use the break as an alibi.

Brad Lidge(notes), recently off the disabled list, pitched well to keep the score tied — another positive development for the Phillies beyond Hamels' strong outing. And the victory.

* * *

They Also Played (keeping it brief today!)

Yankees 4, Orioles 1:  Depth charge!

Pirates 3, Cubs 2: Went to Church.

Athletics 7, Rangers 6: Happy 50th, Ryan Sweeney (right).

Blue Jays 8, Indians 5: You're so fine, Ricky.

Nationals 6, Braves 3: Livan at the helm.

Red Sox 5, Angels 1: Lester bangs.

Mets 5, Reds 4: Trust Rod they must.

D-backs 1, Astros 0: Kennedy > Oswalt.

Giants 9, Marlins 6 (12 innings): Puff 'n' Huff.

Twins 4, Tigers 3: Hardy boyeeeeeeee.

Padres 3, Rockies 2: Not Hedy. It's Headley!

Rays 5, Mariners 2: Rays Shields, Scotty!

Brewers 10, Dodgers 6: Prince knocks this time.

Royals 7, White Sox 2: Master Luke

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