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Gather 'round, because it's time to recap the most recent diamond doings. Roll Call starts at Safeco Field, where Ken Griffey Jr.(notes), after the longest nine days of his life, capped a furious rally with a game-winning single. Just like the good old days, eh? Well, unless the Seattle Mariners act now and release him, it probably was the worst thing the Kid could have done for himself and his team.

Game of the Day: Mariners 4, Blue Jays 3

Junior sure seemed to show us, didn't he?

"The greatest Mariner in history, coming through with the big hit," Mike Sweeney(notes) said.

Now, he needs to hear these words: "You're fired."

Considering that's kind of unpalatable, maybe we could look at it like George Costanza would. Leave on a high note, Junior. The Mariners need to stop acting as enablers, end the charade and retire their stud.

But they're not going to do that, are they? Not if Designated Hugger Sweeney has any say.

"The last two weeks were probably the toughest in his career," Sweeney said. "But he knew we had his back. Probably everyone in Seattle had his back."

I'm not sure if Griffey or Sweeney is worse for the Mariners. If they really had Griffey's back, they'd encourage him to step down. Or just hand him a box for his stuff.

Unless you fell asleep in the clubhouse on opening day and are just now waking, you know what the 40-year-old Griffey and the M's have been going through. Griffey is batting .191 with an OPS of about .450. He has nearly as many strikeouts (16) as hits (18).

The team, more importantly, has struggled to score runs and win games. Ken Jr. is not helping. Why does anyone want that on his record? Actually, to heck with Junior's legacy; we'll remember him how we want to. But he's not doing the team any good. No matter how iconic, no matter how much we look forward to his Hall of Fame speech, the end has to come sometime.

Griffey's going to be like Mayo: "I can't quit! I got nowhere else to go!" The M's have to show him that he does. Now is the time. Let him say good-bye on a high note.

* * *

They Also Played

Rays 8, Yankees 6: Carlos Pena(notes) loves two-homer game against Andy Pettitteeeee. A 30-11 record, fourth-best to start the season in the AL since 1969. The Rays will rock you.

Braves 10, Reds 9: THIS probably was the game of the day, but 'Duk had the recap earlier. Check out Brooks Conrad(notes) with the game-ending slam off Laynce Nix's(notes) glove.

Red Sox 6, Twins 2: Jon Lester's(notes) personal winning percentage, .719, is tops in history for any pitcher with at least 100 starts. It's a good thing he knows that wins, for pitchers, are for saps.

"That's great," Lester said without a smile or other noticeable reaction. "But that's just a testament to the teams that I've been on. It's easy to pitch when guys score runs."

Love it! Wins. For pitchers. Are for. Saps. WFPAFS. #Whiffpaffs.

Cardinals 4, Marlins 2: Matt Holliday(notes)!

* * *

Angels 6, White Sox 5: The Sox roared back with a four-run eighth, but Brian Fuentes'(notes) mustache held the line in the ninth with three harmless fly balls.

Dodgers 4, Padres 1: Clayton Kershaw(notes) grows before our eyes. Not his beard, of course. That abomination will never grow. But his pitching skillz? Mucho burrito.

Rangers 13, Orioles 7: Nelson Cruz(notes) + boomstick = trouble for Charm City.

D-backs 8, Giants 7: This is going to happen with Juan Uribe(notes) from time to time. Don't know what to tell you, Giants.

Mets 10, Nationals 7: Pitching coach Dan Warthen called John Maine(notes) "a habitual liar" as it pertains to his health after they lifted him after throwing five pitches. "Habitual liar." Sounds like character assassination, but it's probably just a New York thing.

Royals 9, Indians 3: Movin' out of the basement.

Phillies 5, Cubs 4: Jose Contreras(notes), that master wriggler-outer of jammers. ... Hey, check out the Cubs — a bunch of street toughs!

Tigers 5, Athletics 2: First-place Tigers! OK, I'm not that excited. ... Jeremy Bonderman(notes) > Milt Wilcox — at least on the career strikeouts list. However, Wilcox > Bondo on the mustache list.

Brewers 4, Pirates 3: Neun loozing zstreeker kaput! ... Professor Chris Narveson(notes) Flavin-Flavin.

Rockies 4, Astros 0: I'm not going to tell you what Ubaldo Jimenez's(notes) record is because it's irrelevant, but his ERA is 0.99 after allowing one hit over seven. I will tell you that the Rox are 8-1 in his starts. Which happens to be his record, too, OK, you got me. #Whiffpaffs!

* * *

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