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One more game. That pretty much sums up our season now. We have extended it one more game that will take place at the Metrodome against the Twins on Tuesday night.

Last month, I blogged thinking that we had played our last game ever in the Metrodome, but since we ended the season tied with the Twins and they had a better head-to-head record against us, we have to go through their home to win the AL Central in game no. 163.

Every year when you start a season, the goal is to win the World Series and I want more than anything to win a title. Not just for me and my passion for winning, but for the city of Detroit as well. They deserve a title. Recently, the Pistons and Red Wings have been able to deliver titles to this blue collar city, but we haven't yet.

You also want to play meaningful games in September and October and right now, we're doing that. It's made this year fun. Last year was a hard season for all of us, so to be back in the thick of a division title race and a pennant race motivates me even more. The Twins are a great franchise. They have been fighting for division titles and playoff wins this entire decade. The AL Central is such a tough division because of their never-die attitude. Last year they also played a play-in game to get to the playoffs, and lost 1-0 to the White Sox. In 2006, when we went to the World Series, they fought back at the end of the season to overtake us for the division title. Every out is a big out against the Twins.

I cannot guarantee a win against the Twins, and I cannot promise a World Series title either. However, I can sum up what will happen. I saw a Detroit Lions commercial the other day that said that they will work as hard on Sunday as you do during the week.

I know the fans aren't always happy with the results on the field, and neither are we. But I promise we will give our all on Tuesday night at the Metrodome.

* * *

Curtis Granderson plays center field for the Detroit Tigers and his blog will appear regularly on Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew during the 2009 season. Make sure to check out and support his Grand Kids Foundation. All of his previous posts can be read here

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