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Over the past five years, I estimate I've been to Wrigley Field at least 100 times and that's probably a conservative estimate. 

Yet it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I noticed this curiously-named concession stand underneath the third-base line. If you look to your right, you might be able to understand why it just came to my attention. 

Yes, that's "CC's Frozen Treats and Frozen Drinks" and although it was shuttered by the time I rambled by with my camera phone, I'm sure the workers there would have told me that sales have dropped dramatically ever since the Brewers signed the similarly-dotless CC Sabatahia.

OK, that's probably not true, given that any cool respite is welcome on a July day at Wrigley. (I prefer the chocolate frosty malt served with the wooden spoon.) But as this NL Central pennant race starts to heat up, starting with tonight's CC-Ted Lilly throwdown in Milwaukee, the Cubs might want to start thinking about rebranding that concession stand. Last I checked, there wasn't a Papi's Popcorn at Yankee Stadium, nor was there a D-Wright's Dogs at Citizens Bank Ballpark. 

So does anyone have any suggestions for a name change out there? Harden's IceHouse? Fukudome's Freezer?  D-Lee's Frozen Ropes? Lick It At Lou's? 

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