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Seeing as how the Blue Jays are currently wearing the yoke of a seven-game losing streak, Bluebird fans everywhere are looking for an explanation of exactly what has gone wrong with Cito's crew.

And while the problems can be blamed on everything from only scoring 11 runs over the seven games to only getting one Roy Halladay(notes) start during the slump, Glen Cadigan, a loyal Stewie, says he thinks all of the Jays problems can be traced back to a shortage in one area.


In 2009, the Blue Jays have played a MLB-high 48 games this season (only the Rays have also reached  47 games played) and have had only two days off since the start of the season.

Writes Glen:

"By comparison, Boston has had four, plus two games postponed. Vernon Wells(notes), Alex Rios(notes), Aaron Hill(notes) and Marco Scutaro(notes) have played all 48 games so far this year, and Adam Lind(notes) has played 46. It's no secret that Toronto's schedule is a little odd this year, and it's catching up to them.

"Looking ahead, the irregularities continue. In June, Boston is off four Mondays in a row(!), versus three Mondays off for Toronto. For four Sunday afternoon games, the Red Sox can forget about saving the bullpen for Monday and just go for the jugular, whereas the opposition has to leave some gas in the tank.

"Things start to swing in Toronto's favor in July and August, when they have three days off versus Boston's two in July and *five* versus Boston's two (in August). By that point in the season, assuming they're still in the race, the rest should work in their favor. However, if they're too far back in the pack because they're worn out, it won't matter."

"Of course, all of this leaves out the Yankees and Rays, who should have something to say about the AL East, too."

Toronto finally gets a day off on Thursday, the first date since May 11 that the Jays will be free to sleep in, not report to the park and maybe try out the fantastic new Punchout for Wii.

My view is that everything tends to even out during the season with schedule advantages and Hill, Scutaro and the Jays weren't going to keep up the blistering paces they set from the gate. Still, I can see where Glen is coming from.

After a busy two months, I couldn't wait for the three-day Memorial Day weekend to arrive and that was with most Saturdays and Sundays off. Six- and seven-day work weeks? I don't care how much you get paid, it's eventually going to catch up to you.

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