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As I suspected, the Dodgers' Casey Blake(notes) now says he had no idea behind the significance of Brian Wilson's(notes) gesture and wouldn't have mocked it from his own dugout on Sunday if he knew it had anything to do with the Giants reliever's late father or his Christian faith.  

"Of course not," Blake told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday. "I'm not here to disrespect anybody on a personal level. Had I or anybody known that it was a religious deal or honored his father, I mean obviously you're not going to mock that or disrespect that in any regard.

"All the other teams see after a victory or after a save, he does it. Not knowing what it's about, you just see that. I didn't know what it was about. I did it back. I didn't really do it back to him. I did it in the dugout. Should I have done it? Probably not. It was kind of uncharacteristic of me."

So all's well that end's well — or is it? Though Blake conceded he could have used a little more info, he didn't exactly apologize to Wilson, either.

"If he's going to do that on the mound, obviously there's other closers and other players that do certain things on the field. If they can't handle somebody doing it back to them, then that's their deal," Blake said.

Now, I'm of the school of thought that Blake doesn't need to apologize in this situation since he 1) had no idea what the move was really all about and 2) didn't exactly do it to Wilson's face. (The move was caught on TV and sent to Wilson's cell phone by friends.)

Still, Wilson went on the record Monday and said he had a "pretty good memory."

I'd like to think that letting the matter drop would be the No. 1 option for someone who feels they're a devout enough Christian that they pay tribute on the field.

But this is the heated Dodgers and Giants rivalry we're talking about here and the only way to know it's done for sure won't come until Aug. 10, the next time the two teams meet. 

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