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I'm not sure what this girl's name is (I'm sure my boss, who is interested in such things, could tell me) but she apparently won The Bachelorette.

Now, as even I know, that involves the right to get engaged to some moppy-headed schmo and then send out a press release two months later saying that things didn't quite work out because of the distance, but that you remain "great friends."

Anyway, this girl — OK, her name is DeAnna Pappas (I'm a slave to search engine hits: FIRST PITCH, BASEBALL, DODGER STADIUM, HOT, BABELICIOUS) — threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers' game last night. After looking at these photos, I can start to see where Joe Buck was coming from when he said he prefers The Bachelorette to watching baseball ... at least a little.

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