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Hilarious stuff from last night's Yankees game, as the YES Network appeared to channel the ghost of Earl Weaver (/Michael Wilbon) when it showed a shot of current Orioles coach Terry Crowley in the dugout.

As the announcers talked about Crowley's playing days with the O's, the famous "Manager's Corner" radio interview where Weaver (right) happily gets his foul mouth on started to play in the background. It was in that interview, you might remember, that Weaver (kiddingly?) riffed that Crowley was "lucky to be in (bleepin') baseball!" because he could sit on the bench for eight innings just like anyone else. 

Anyway, you can go view what's sure to be the last few seconds that some YES producer or intern ever worked in television over at Yankee Stadium Insider. The only disappointing thing is that Alice Sweet didn't show up in the stands. (I'm sure she was busy wondering where her next you-know-what was coming from. Either that, or her tomato plants.)

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