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Teddy takes first, but DQ’d for using Segway in presidents race

Everybody seems to want the Teddy Roosevelt mascot to win the Washington Nationals' presidents race. But ever since the tradition began at Nationals Park, he never has. Let Teddy Win, the race blog of record, notes T.R. has had a rough ride of things, going 0 for 396 since the race was created in 2006.

Even slugger Jayson Werth(notes) tried wielding his influence recently, asking, "Why doesn't Teddy get to win?"

And even when Teddy wins, he doesn't. The big-headed Roosevelt finished first Wednesday but was disqualified by judge Screech the Eagle because he happened to break the tape while riding a Segway. (Possibly the one left behind by ex-GM Jim Bowden?)

Oh, is using a motorized personal transport against the rules?

Check out video of Teddy gloriously taking home the gold, only to have it snatched away on a technicality:

It's not like Teddy hasn't cheated before. And with a Segway! He just happened to get it right, finally, and come in first.

And they still didn't let him win. They never let Teddy win. Kind of like the Nationals.

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