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The bats of the Chicago White Sox were figuratively on fire during an 11-0 win over the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the bats of utilityman Mark Kotsay(notes) were literally en fuego outside the clubhouse in an impromptu bonfire before the game.

Kotsay's boomstick blaze was a superstitious way to reverse his luck on a disappointing .221 season that has recently seen a few bad breaks, including having a two-run home run robbed by a great Ichiro leap on Monday.  

But if you're a Chicago marshal looking for answers on a non-permit burn, let it be known that Kotsay didn't start the fire. Rather, it was third baseman Mark Teahen(notes), a pyromaniac teammate who has some time — and apparently a bottle of lighter fluid — on his hands as he rehabs his broken finger

From the Chicago Tribune

"I walked out and saw what was going on and obviously I wanted to find out what was going on, but I had nothing to do with it," Kotsay said.

Kotsay, a 13-year veteran, never recalled a bat burning to change a player's luck.

"There are quirky things like changing your uniform or your undershirt or your shoes, but never burning bats," Kotsay said.

Whether or not the process actually worked, we're still not sure as Kotsay didn't see any action on Tuesday. But seeing as he's hitting well below his career average of .279 and has an OPS (.657) almost 100 points lower than his career norm, one would think the bonfire is eventually going to "work." (Hey, that BABIP of .225 can't stay down there forever.)

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Then again, the last major leaguer to try a voodoo intervention — Philadelphia's Chase Utley(notes) — saw his offering to a higher baseball power rewarded with a long trip to the disabled list. 

We'll see how Jobu responds. 

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