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Safeco Field has its Ichiroll, Citizens Bank Park has its Chickie's & Pete's crab fries and Coors Field has its Rocky Mountain oysters.

Target Field's answer to all of the above? 

Why, walleye on a stick, of course!

Also a popular item at the giant Minnesota State Fair each summer, the stabbed seafood should feed both hungry Twins fans and out-of-town sportswriters desperate for a line that shows they know their way around. 

Other great items on the just announced ballpark menu include pork chops on a stick (!) cheese curds (!) and Juicy Lucy burgers, which features cheese on the inside (!).

But, seriously, let this great news sink in for a bit: Fish on a stick! At a baseball game!

OK, so there are undoubtedly some skeptics among our fellow BLS readers who don't share our strange Midwestern view.

So let's allow the City Pages to extoll the virtues of the walleye on a stick:

"What is a more quintessentially Minnesotan fair food than a fillet of our state fish, the walleye, battered, fried, and impaled on a stick? It's perfect, and perfectly done: The batter is not too heavy, the fish is flavorful and not overcooked, and the portion is just the right size for a snack ... Top off the fish with a squirt from a lemon wedge and a touch of tarter sauce from the squeeze bottle ... wash it down with a refreshing birch beer."

Now add "watch Joe Mauer(notes) hit a home run — outside" to the end of that description and realize that the ultimate nirvana in the Land of 10,000 Lakes may finally be reached in 2010. (Here's betting those sticks easily generate enough revenue for the catcher's new contract.)

But all may not be well in the Twin Cities, because the team won't say if the popular Dome Dog — grilled, not steamed — is making the move over to the new place. I'd say that all progress has its inherent costs, but the team can clearly keep a nod to its indoored past.

Still let's focus on the great news today ... Walleye on a stick! At a baseball game!

A big BLS head nod to fellow ballpark foodie Twinkie Town.

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