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Welcome to a "live blog after the fact." I watched a replay of the Colorado Rockies' epic ninth-inning comeback against the St. Louis Cardinals at Coors Field on Tuesday night, recording everything relevant to be seen and heard on the Fox Sports Rocky Mountain broadcast, which was anchored by Drew Goodman George Frazier and Jeff Huson Jeff Kingery. also compiled a video of every run the Rockies scored in the comeback, which equaled the biggest in the ninth in the majors this season. And, going back to at least 1918, it marked the first time a team scored nine runs in the ninth inning to win a game.

Bottom of the ninth — Cards 9, Rockies 3.

Epic Comeback Threat Level: BEIGE.

• Miguel Olivo, NL All-Star snub, smokes Dennys Reyes'(notes) first pitch for a single.

• Seth Smith lines out to first base. Would have been a single if Albert Pujols(notes) had been holding the runner.

• Pinch-hitter Melvin Mora(notes) uses an inside-out swing and singles to right, putting runners at the corners. Goodman, looking for silver linings, mentions tomorrow's game, saying how it was nice for Mora to get a single heading in — even if the Rockies don't pull off a "miracle" tonight.

• Frazier mentions that closer Ryan Franklin(notes) is warming up with a six-run lead. Says that Cards skipper Tony La Russa "has managed a lot of games here, and he's not going to let this thing get away from him" — particularly with the Mets beating the NL Central Division-leading Reds already. If Franklin comes in — he is 15 of 16 in save opportunities — the Cards figure to snuff out this rally before it gets too hot.

• Clint Barmes walks and Olivo scores on a passed ball by Yadier Molina(notes). It's 9-4.

• An advertising message appears, saying if the Rockies score three more runs, for a total of seven, fans can win cheap(er) Taco Bell products at participating locations. Can Reyes redeem his performance for some lunch?

• La Russa makes a pitching change with two runners aboard with one out, still ahead by five runs — so it's not a save situation for Franklin.

Epic Comeback Threat Level: YELLOW.

• A "We want tacos!" chant comes from a couple of dozen or so goofballs at Coors. They're just keeping expectations in check.

• Goodman, bemoaning all of the hits the Rockies have allowed: "It's all about pitching. ... Jaime Garcia(notes) and Aaron Cook(notes) go tomorrow." Is today a lost cause?

• Franklin JUST MISSES dropping a curve on the outside corner for strike three on Chris Iannetta(notes) (replay shows it was a strike). The count grows to 3-2. "I tell you what. If he loses Iannetta, it really gets interesting," Goodman says, noting the potential tying run would be in the on-deck circle.

• Almost on command, Iannetta crushes a three-run homer to left, only the second Franklin has allowed this season. The Rockies climb within 9-7 and Dinger, the Rockies' purple pantsless stegosaurus mascot, has gone into shock. "Who KNOWS what's in store now?" Goodman says. Suddenly, the Cardinals might be dead bird meat.

• "We've got tacos," Goodman says.

Epic Comeback Threat Level: ORANGE.

• With Dexter Fowler(notes) at the plate, Goodman is calling for Brad Hawpe(notes) to pinch hit soon. Seth Smith's(notes) beard looks on in anticipation.

• Franklin jumps ahead of Fowler 1-2, looking in control until he hangs a pitch, which Fowler hits off the wall for a double. Outfielder Randy Winn(notes) appeared to be fooled by the ball's flight. Here comes Hawpe. There's more than tacos at stake now.

•"Raise your hand at home if you thought the Rockies would get the tying run to the plate down 9-3 in the ninth," Goodman says. "And this is their guy. There is no parachute. This is their closer, Ryan Franklin."

Epic Comeback Threat Level: RED.

• Hawpe dribbles a grounder to short and infielder Tyler Greene(notes) makes a nice play — and Pujols makes a nice pick — to get the runner JUST in time. Two outs. Rockies still trail by two runs.

• Cards pitching coach Dave Duncan visits the mound; And here comes Carlos Gonzalez(notes), who's already had a good night at the plate.

• Down to the last strike, Gonzalez lines a hanger to right — in front of Winn, who was playing extremely deep — for an RBI single. Rockies within 9-8 and a clean-shaven (gasp!) Jason Giambi(notes) was coming up.

• He might be clean-shaven, but he must be wearing the golden thong: Giambi somehow pulls an inside pitch, lining a single to right that Winn plays timidly and then bobbles — twice! Gonzalez, running as hard as he can the entire time, rounds third base as the throw finally reaches the cutoff man.

• "Here comes CarGo!" Goodman says. No throw home! First tacos, now a tie score! It's 9-9!

• He might be wearing sunglasses at night, but La Russa's heat vision could burn a hole through someone's chest right now.

• Cook, the Rockies scheduled starter on Wednesday, pinch runs for Giambino.

• Olivo (we've batted around) finds a hole with a single to right and Cook, running at full speed, takes third without a throw from Winn (what is he doing in right field?).

• The winning run could score any number of ways now, as analyst Jeff Huson points out. "Somethin' crazy could happen," Huson says. No kidding.

• "The right man at the plate, 'Mr. Late Night' from a year ago," Goodman says of Seth Smith. The guy could do it with his eyes closed.

Epic Comeback Threat Level: REDDER.

• First pitch almost hits Smith in the ankle. Yadier Molina has allowed a passed ball already in the inning. The next pitch will be the 25th for Franklin, Huson says.

• Smith lays off a pitcher's pitch. It's 2-0 — "an ideal count," Goodman says. Should Franklin think about walking Smith? Mora, on deck, is 7 for 14 with a homer in his career against Franklin.

• "Not everyone has stuck around," Goodman says as a camera pans the stands. "Rarely does that happen when the home team is down six runs entering the ninth inning. But they may have pulled over to the side of the road on the drive home."

• Throwing salt into the wound of the departed, Huson adds: "That's what you get for leaving a ballgame early."

• Franklin drops in a strike to make it 2-2. Deuces wild!

• Noting the defensive alignment of the St. Louis outfield, Goodman says, "There's plenty of room for a Texas Leaguer to drop." Oh yeah, Huson says, "All you need to do is fist one over the head of the infielders." Fisted!

• Screw that, Smith says, lining a three-run deep into the good night at Coors Field.

• "Yeah! [Bleep], yeah!" someone screams loud enough for an ambient microphone to pick it up.

• "How about a nine-spot in the ninth?!" Goodman says. "You have just witnessed the greatest come-from-behind victory in Colorado Rockies history."

Epic Comeback Threat Level: (Turn it off; Rockies won).

* * *

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