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Holy humongous head from Hyannisport, Batman!

The Washington Nationals staged their usual Racing Presidents bit during the fourth inning on Wednesday night, but the featured footrace was anything but routine.

For the first time in the team's history, Rushmore's core four — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt — were joined by a fifth oversized noggin from the White House.

And it belonged to John F. Kennedy, who was not a participant but rather a foil to the father of our country's chances. Wearing an outfit from the Gap and toting a bat of some sort, JFK kneecapped the Washington character and he fell to the ground like his mythical cherry tree.

Ich bein ein Shawn Eckardt!

From Let Teddy Win:  

As the presidents entered the field, PA announcer Jerome Hruska introduced the "American presidential gladitorial race." After navigating around a circus clown positioned in the outfield, the presidents ran into a super-sized John F. Kennedy, who knocked George Washington to the ground  ....

Alas, the violent entrance of our country's 35th president was apparently not a way to introduce JFK as a permanent fourth-inning cast member. The Nationals tell Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog that "JFK will not be joining the Mount Rushmore Four as the fifth Racing President."

And so Dave Brown's hope that the fifth permanent President will be FDR riding some sort of wheelchair/Phillie Phanatic four-wheeler hybrid apparently remains in play.

As does whichever president you're hoping the Nats will add in the future.

If the Nats were to add a fifth Racing President, who would it be? Why?

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