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The geniuses at Next Media Animation of Hong Kong excel at using CGI animation (and subtitles) to concisely and humorously tell stories, and they naturally have lent their talents to what's happening with the Boston Red Sox.

In NMA's most recent vignette — "Epic Meltdown Leads to Big Changes for Red Sox" — the results look like what would happen if your favorite baseball video game started to misbehave.

Taiwanese interpretations of the Red Sox mess includes:

• Some history, with Babe Ruth himself putting a curse on the Red Sox immediately after being sold to the Yankees and switching caps in 1920.

• Ruth's ghost swatting the ball away from Bill Buckner in the 1986 World Series.

• Obviously overweight renderings of Josh Beckett(notes), Jon Lester(notes) and John Lackey(notes) enjoying a bucket of KFC and some beer while yukking it up watching TV (presumably in the clubhouse during a game, although the closest the animators came was a Holiday Inn).

• The club kicking manager Terry Francona and GM Theo Epstein (with his "Chicago Cubs" briefcase) to the curb.

• A fed-up David Ortiz(notes) — replete with hobo's bindle tied to the end of a stick — refusing the appeal of Wally the Green Monster to stay with the Red Sox. (And Wally, Boston's mascot, drowning his sorrows in beer.)

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Clever hipster animators. And it only took them a minute to explain the whole thing.

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