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TMZ: Manny Ramirez arrested for domestic violenceSurprise! Manny Ramirez's(notes) first big headline following his sudden retirement from baseball last spring isn't a positive one.

What were the odds?

As first reported by TMZ, Ramirez was arrested at his home in Florida on Monday night after an incident with his wife. The AP later reported that Ramirez was being charged with battery.

From the AP:

Ramirez, 39, and his wife were arguing in their bedroom when he slapped her face, causing her to hit her head on their bed's headboard, according to a police report. She told the deputy she was afraid the situation would escalate and called police.

Ramirez denied hitting his wife, according to the report, telling a deputy "he grabbed his wife by the shoulders and when he shrugged her, she hit her head."

Ramirez has had incidents with the law before. In 1994, he was arrested on charges of drunken driving in the Washington Heights, New York neighborhood where he was raised. During a humorous situation in 2008, he was lectured by a Seattle police officer after jaywalking near Safeco Field.

Police were not involved during a 2008 incident where Ramirez reportedly shoved the team's traveling secretary during a dispute, but the run-in has been generally cited as one of the reasons the Red Sox traded him to the Dodgers that year.

Ramirez retired from the Tampa Bay Rays and baseball the first week of this season after he flunked a second drug test. Ramirez would have been suspended for 100 games had he not retired.

UPDATE: TMZ has a mug shot.

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