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It should be an interesting pregame media scene for Johan Santana(notes) and the New York Mets before their game against Detroit today.

According to TMZ Sports, the ace pitcher was accused of sexual battery at a Florida golf course by a female last fall, but charges were never filed after authorities concluded  "the alleged victim's statement is not consistent with other witnesses."

For all the details of the encounter — which I'd rather not recount here — you can download a PDF of the report from the Fort Myers police

A Santana representative said this to TMZ:

"Johan denied the charges and was never charged with anything. As far as the law enforcement side of this goes, the case is closed."

Legally, the case is closed, as authorities could not build a case off the woman's accusation. And it's that shut door that made me hesitant to bring up TMZ's story in this space.

Stilll, the story is newsworthy when you consider that:

1) The New York tabs will be all over this after being beaten by a west coast outfit. The papers will look hard to find any other women with similar accusations. It could become a storyline for a Mets team that has been remarkably controversy-free the past month. 

2) TMZ has been making a push to break more sports scandal stories and this is the first time they've broken something about a real baseball star — and not items about the McCourts' divorce or a fan getting shot in the face by an errant hot dog in Kansas City.

In other words, this is the new reality in clubhouses, as well as a hurdle that Santana and his teammates will have to clear. 

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