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Apparently not content with hosting just one summer youth baseball event at the White House this summer, George W. Bush held a t-ball game on the South Lawn on Thursday ... just 17 days after the Little Leaguers had their turn with the Commander-in-Chief.

Perhaps The Onion was right — Lame duck presidents really do get bad cases of senioritis.

Anyway, check out this vid of a kid who reacts to meeting the President the same way I used to react to meeting Chuck E. Cheese. (The Sports Point via Deadspin)

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Oh, and one more thing: If you think I'm exaggerating when I say that Bush has done these events on a freakishly frequent basis, I'm not. According to the Washington Post, he has held twice as many White House sporting events than cabinet meetings over his administration. When it comes to meetings with Vladimir Putin, the ratio of sports events goes to 3 to 1. 

(Though to be fair, it's probably a little easier to round up a bunch of rugrats to play baseball than all the secretaries or a guy who could well be a Bond villain.)

From Huffington Post:

Yesterday's T-ball game, the 19th of his presidency — followed by a dinner last night in honor of Major League Baseball, the third of his presidency — brought to at least 95 the number of sporting-related events he has participated in during his time in the White House. He has done no fewer than 18 such events so far this year — already passing his previous record of 13 in both 2001 and 2007.

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