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Once the Minnesota Twins made their move to the great outdoors, I was hoping that the first field interloper from Mother Nature would be some sort of majestic moose.

Barring that, a dugout visit from a loon — Minnesota's state bird — would've worked.

Alas, the first official Target Field game interruption came courtesy of a crummy common squirrel during Tuesday's suspended game against the Yankees.

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Not that the little fella didn't do his (or her) best to get a great reception during Alex Rodriguez's(notes) at-bat. You could almost see a heart beating through a huffing chest and the crowd started a chant of "let's go squirrel." And since the scoreless game was stopped in the sixth due to rain, Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira(notes) pointed out that the squirrel's sprint was the only action of the night.

[Video: More odd animal moments]

Twins third baseman Brendan Harris(notes) had the closest run-in with Rocky:

"We turned around, and it kind of slowly came up and got closer," Harris told "Once it hit the dirt, it just shot around and surprised me a little bit. I thought it was just going to walk by, but it legitimately came about a foot away."

The squirrel eventually made its way into left field and later disappeared. Here's hoping he didn't fall prey to that moth-eating hawk that was ruling over Target Field earlier this season.

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