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So exactly when did it become a prerequisite to don bad polo shirts, threaded belts and free golf hats in order to become a MLB general manager? Exactly when did some of these GMs start looking like most of the men who "dress up" for a dinner on a Carnival cruise? 

OK, far be it from me to serve as the fashion police (I'm currently wearing the same hooded Chiefs sweatshirt and Nike swish pants I've worn since Monday), but the early results out of spring training reveal that many of the league's front office heads don't have time to shop anywhere other than the wide open clothes tables at Costco. (Good deals to be had there, but still ...) These guys do get paid, right?

Maybe it's just a Midwest thing. Today, our dapper models are (from left to right): Jim Hendry of the Cubs, Dave Dombrowski of the Tigers, Jimmy Buffett Wayne Krivsky of the Reds and Neal Huntington of the Pirates.

You want to see how to do it, gentlemen? Check out Jim Bowden of the Nats. The man might not know much about building a team (other than signing Braves castoffs), but he sure knows how to accessorize.

It's a simple truth of modern life: You can't look much cooler than being on the back of a Segway.


Turns out he's had his share of fashion don'ts, though.

Nice Jordan jumpsuit, Jim. 

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