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Aw, c'mon, can't a fella and his sweetie enjoy a private moment at a football game where she feeds him popcorn with her slender, sexy fingers?

Not if you're Alex Rodriguez(notes) and Cameron Diaz at Super Bowl 45, you can't. Everyone gets to see!

FOX TV caught the celebrity A-List couple engaged in an epicurean display of public affection early in the first quarter Sunday night. As Diaz lovingly dangled popped kernels onto A-Rod's waiting tongue, he looked up toward the giant video board at Dallas Cowboys Stadium and realized they weren't alone.

As video below shows, there's nowhere for A-Rod to hide. He's a New York Yankees attention magnet.

FOX's Joe Buck said what many of us were thinking: "I'm sure Alex is thrilled we just put the camera on him at that moment."

Like few others in the public eye, A-Rod manages to have his life divided into little embarrassing moments. Some of them are his own doing. (And this one. And here. And one more.) Others aren't his fault.

This, for example. A lot of guys would love to graze on popcorn with the likes of Cameron Diaz tending to his every want. If anything, it's all Diaz's fault. Don't try to feed your man in public. You either put him in position to rebuff the offer — like anyone with a brain is going to refuse an advance by Cameron Diaz — or you put him in the position of having 100 million people watch his chick feed him.

Awkward, either way.

It was the opinion of an ESPN writer that the stadium crowd booed A-Rod upon seeing his mug on TV. It's certainly plausible, given his baseball history in Arlington, Texas. But I find the sonic proof of folks booing Rodriguez inconclusive.

Regardless, it's another unnecessarily embarrassing moment in a career that keeps compiling them.

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