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Last weekend's interleague series between the Oakland Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates originally merited a big ol' shoulder shrug from yours truly. But then the two 1970s powers — which actually never met in a Fall Classic — broke out the throwbacks for Saturday's game.

And, well, uh, the game threads were — how you say? — "heavy on the mustard." And pretty cool to look at. While I don't think either squad should go permanently retro, it was a wild way to draw attention to what might've been an otherwise dull game at the end of a seemingly interminable cross-league schedule. Going forward, it'd be cool if each team came canary once or twice a year (because that's all our retinas would be able to take).

As usual, the eagle-eyed folks at Uni Watch took some issue with the reissues, noting that Oakland rarely went all-gold and that black "Stargell Stars" were never placed on the yellow caps, only yellow stars on Pittsburgh's black caps.

Still, the looks were so great they even overshadowed Baltimore resurrecting the throwback stirrups and cartoon bird hats that Terry Crowley was lucky to wear as a member of the 1970 World Series team. 

Fashion Ump ruling: Home run

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