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Look, it's mid-November. The general managers are boring the reporters to death down in Tampa, The Fightins has closed up shop (sadly, perhaps for good), and I've spent half the morning trying to tell if this is really Tim Lincecum singing reggae karaoke. (Verdict: I'm pretty sure it isn't.)

So if the opportunity to resurrect the old Evan and Eva Longoria thread from the Stew's infancy presents itself via the latter's just-announced divorce from San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, we're probably going to be forced to take it.

As you might remember, we used to link to a picture of Eva in The Juice every time Evan did something in his incredible rookie year in 2008. Eva's publicist also used BLS to issue her client's warm wishes to Evan and the Tampa Bay Rays during the 2008 World Series.

And, perhaps most notably, Dave Brown used the similarity between their two names to pull off the greatest opening sequence in Answer Man history:

Question: Why does every picture of you on the Internet look like the woman who's married to Tony Parker?

Evan Longoria(notes): We're not going to go through the whole interview talking about this, are we?

Q: Mmm, not all the questions, no.

EL: OK. What does the question even mean? How do you want me to answer? Like, as in a joke?

Q: Right, if that's how you want to take it.

EL: I guess people get us confused often.

Q: There was an Internet report that Eva sent you champagne and you responded with a gift. What's truth, what's made-up crap?

EL: She sent me a bottle of champagne to congratulate me for making the All-Star team and she also sent me three jerseys to sign and send back to her.

Q: As an aside, let's say the whole interview was about you and Eva Longoria. Why would that have been bad?

EL: I don't... I'm done talking about that. I did it all through the minor leagues. That's all I had to hear was her name associated with mine. I think we're kind of past that. That's all.

Q: [Hurriedly scanning through questions to find one that has nothing to do with Eva]...

The great thing, of course, is that Evan has turned into such a star that the slight curiosity is no longer the first thing anyone says when his name is mentioned. (Much like Brian Wilson(notes) of the San Francisco Giants and any immediate references to the Beach Boys.)

That probably wouldn't stop us from asking him if he'd think there's a chance we'd ever see Eva Longoria-Longoria on a marquee somewhere in the future.

At least not on a day like today.

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