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There's nothing like a good grassroots Internet campaign, which is why I think we should all get behind the recent efforts of the great Reds blog, OMGReds.

If you haven't been keeping abreast of the latest news from the riverfront, a consortium of Cincy fans is trying to spearhead a campaign to elect minor-league pitcher Sam LeCure as the fans' choice for the team's fourth bobblehead giveaway of the year.

Yes, even though he's currently toiling in Louisville, LeCure is indeed among those eligible to join Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips as the Redlegs honored with a bobblehead.

I was already supporting this campaign — turns out you can't write in Rosie Red — but decided to appeal to the Stewie masses once I received an email from organizer David Clark saying that their movement needed more true believers. 

Writes Mr. Clark:

"We were honestly taken aback that they didn't limit the ballot to just Volquez, Cueto, Harang, Arroyo —whose bobbleheads they've already given away — and that they actually included a bunch of guys in the minor leagues who are legit prospects but still a year or two away. It's almost like they were daring us.

"We decided to endorse Sam LeCure, a starter for the Louisville Bats. It's a lot less boring and predictable than the Reds giving away a bobblehead of one of the current starters or closer and, as we explain, for all of the fans who have no idea who LeCure is (yet), to give them a good "WTF" as they're handed a bobblehead of our main man Sam at the gate." 

Look, chances are that you're not going to head to Cincinnati on July 18 to get this fans' choice bobble anyway, so why not just cast your vote for LeCure once a day at Voting's open until April 30 — they need some lead time to make these things, after all — and Clark says his inside sources tell him that LeCure is facing an uphill battle. 

So go ahead and punch LeCure's ticket. At the very least, it'll make Mrs. LeCure happy

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