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Having never watched an episode of "Lopez Tonight" before Tuesday, I can't say that I was expecting much from Freddy Sanchez's(notes) late-night appearance with George Lopez.

But apart from an early and unfunny stereotype-enforcing punchline that I guess fits Lopez's style — "Any Latino that can get a ring without having to take it from someone, I'm a fan of," the comedian quipped — Sanchez's turn on TBS was actually pretty good.

While discussing Sanchez's time in Pittsburgh to the current Giant's notorious childhood support for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Lopez was engaged, interested and knew the right questions to ask. (Unlike, ahem, a certain scripted chin with Brian Wilson and The Machine last week.)

Also, an exchange about Sanchez's Dodger-fan friend begrudgingly wearing Giants gear in the wake of the World Series was funny, as was Lopez's Jameson toast to the San Francisco Giants second baseman. (Thirst-quenching product placement, FTW!)

"To your heart being in Los Angeles and to your championship in San Francisco. Congratulations, Freddy," Lopez said. 

While he isn't one of San Francisco's biggest names, Sanchez is one of baseball's good guys and apparently a good talk-show guest. It's nice to see him getting some national pub in the wake of the championship.

Now all we need to see is Tim Lincecum(notes) — just where the heck has he been? — getting some couch time with David Letterman or Conan O'Brien and we'll be all set.   

You can watch the entire Sanchez interview below:

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