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SAN FRANCISCO — Giants fans may have been put out when Phillies fans got personal with Tim Lincecum(notes) in the NLCS, but this bar on my walk to AT&T Park today proved that some San Franciscans aren't above going below the belt with an October opponent. Why didn't they just offer him a free ride to the Tenderloin while they were at it? 

Below, find a few more pics as San Francisco got ready to host its first World Series game since 2002. Luckily all of 'em are a lot more clever than taking aim at a guy who's battling an addiction.

* * *

This guy gets an A+ for best repurposing of last year's Halloween costume.

* * *

That you, La Bamba?

* * * 

The battle between Texas and California isn't only happening on the field.

* * *

Actual exchange between me and this guy:

Me: "Hey, isn't wearing a pumpkin on your head really uncomfortable?"

Guy (after removing pumpkin and looking me in the eye): "Not as uncomfortable as living on the streets, man."

Me: "Oh." (awkwardly searches pockets for change)

* * *

McCovey Cove was packed hours before the game with big boats ... 

* * *

... and little boats.

* * *

After this picture was taken, I narrowly escaped being the victim of a vicious banjo attack.

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