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Anyone who's ever been transferred to another city by their employer knows the expense involved with the possibility of paying two rents or mortgages.

It turns out ballplayers are no different. 

After being sent to Triple-A Reno earlier this season, Arizona Diamondbacks utilityman Ryan Roberts(notes) decided to borrow a page from Rudy Ruettiger and make the Aces' clubhouse his home instead of subletting another place. 

Yup, with his wife and daughter preferring to stay behind in their leased apartment in Phoenix — he thought he'd be with the D'Backs all year — Roberts figured he'd save a few bucks by bunking near his locker for about two months.

Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic has all of the story's details:

"You just couldn't let anybody see you," Roberts said. "After the game, I'd sit on the couch in my uni until Bugsy (Reno manager Brett Butler) would leave, so everybody would think I was just hanging out. Then I'd shower up and hang out with the cleaning crew."


"Yeah, they'd come in around 11:30. They were cool. There was Vic and Dave, this guy J.J. They'd be in there 30-45 minutes. I'd hang out with them [...] It was kind of fun."

It's not as bad as it sounds. Roberts, of course, stayed in a hotel when the Aces went on the road. He also sprang for a room when his wife and daughter came to visit. When he had to stay in the clubhouse, he could play video games on the clubhouse TV and make sandwiches from the supplies in the kitchen.

Such a life probably sounds like the dream of 72 percent of people currently reading this article (and 100 percent of those who write for this blog), but Roberts is still hoping that time has come and gone for him. He was just recalled by the D'Backs and has returned to his more traditional domestic trappings in Phoenix. 

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But considering that he just gave up his secret to Reno management, he better be sure that he's going to stick with the major league team this time.

Otherwise, he's probably going to need the number for the nearby 'Y'.

Or at least a reliable pup tent.  

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