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Retr-O! Cartoon bird makes triumphant return to Orioles capsBest news ever or ... best news ever?

After more than two decades of losing when getting their serious ornithology on, the Baltimore Orioles are returning to this updated version of the cartoon bird that adorned their caps during the franchise's greatest period.

See ya, quaint-looking oriole.

Welcome back, bird that adorned the caps of Baltimore's three World Series winners.


The new bird takes elements from both the 1970 and '83 versions and replaces the ornithologically-correct bird that was previously on the team's road and home caps. The look marks the first time since 1988 that the cartoon bird symbol will be part of the team's official uniform. Joining the new caps will be the orange jerseys, which were last worn during the inaugural season of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 1992.

As one commenter on Orioles Insider noted when this news was first rumored, the return of the cartoon bird won't mean much unless Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter are able to complete a real, on-field resurrection of the Orioles Magic glory days.

But given the choice between the O's bowing to a fan-requested nostalgia trip and the San Diego Padres ignoring the wishes of their fans, it's an easy decision every time. As a child of the '80s who owned an inordinate amount of Lenn Sakata cards, I'm happy the cartoon bird is back. My Christmas list is in need of an update.

Here are the two cartoon birds that previously adorned the Orioles caps. As you can see, the new design borrows elements from both. A big BLS head nod to Chris Creamer for doing the lord's logo work.

Retr-O! Cartoon bird makes triumphant return to Orioles caps

And here are the new orange jerseys that they'll be wearing. They make me think of Mickey Tettleton for some reason.

Retr-O! Cartoon bird makes triumphant return to Orioles caps

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