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It appears as if one Dodgers fan took the team's "Air Force Night" promotion a little too seriously on Tuesday night.

A remote-control airplane invaded the Chavez Ravine airspace during the top of the sixth inning in a game between Arizona and the NL West's top guns. The small plane made several swooping passes over the field, delighting the crowd and even impressing some of the players below.

"That was tight, I liked that," Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp(notes) told 

You can watch the beauty of flight here, a clip that's made even better by the narration of legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully.  

"The crowd is not watching the game. It's watching an airplane, a little paper airplane which is floating out towards right field ... That's amazing, they're still cheering the airplane. There it is! ... It must be radio controlled I mean, that's not like folding a piece of paper ...  But it is quite a distraction. Let's see if somebody brings it home. No ... Wow, it's a little airshow."

The airplane finally crashed into a fence outside the D'Backs dugout and the usually popular Augie Ojeda(notes) ended the fun by tearing it into pieces as the Dodgers Stadium crowd booed. 

The plane's pilot was never identified, but considering this would be the ultimate "Manny Being Manny" moment, it might not hurt to quickly interview the Dodgers' left fielder to see what he knows about aerospace in southern California. Manny as Maverick, would you put it past him?

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